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Category Archives: Security

LifeLock owner’s identity stolen 13 times

LifeLock is an interesting service, but it actually doesn’t protect that well. I’ve seen a lot of articles on the subject, but the one I just linked has the best over-all summary of the trade-offs involved with trying to offer the kind of protection that LifeLock sells.

The new best way to make sure that your browser is safe.

Browser plugins are rapidly becoming the most common way to get a computer virus infection. Normally I lecture people about switching to Firefox, installing NoScript and checking at least monthly that Java and Adobe are up to date. The folks at Mozilla seem to be on a quest to save me from forever repeating those […]

Facebook privacy issues

The article is a little reactionary, but it does serve to highlight the things about Facebook that you should be concerned about. Maybe it’s time to join me over at Google Buzz? All seven Google Buzz users are looking forward to your company. ;)