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Category Archives: Random Geekiness

phrases i use around Teddy a lot

phrases i use around Teddy a lot Created 2012-09-10 I am very proud of Ted-Ted, he did… Good job, Ted-Ted. Thank you! We will be done now, and we will go do . We will do again later. Keywords that we have focused on using: Please Good job Yes (we will) Thank you for helping […]

teddy test

teddy test Created 2012-09-10 Teddy counted to six on Friday, and counted to seven today. We haven’t been teaching him or practicing together or anything, he just likes to count. Counting is emotionally significant to Teddy because on weekends and other days off, I count the hours that we will spend together … all the […]

teddys daddys goes on an airplane

teddys daddys goes on an airplane Created 2012-09-08 On the day before I left for Washington DC to attend DjangoCon 2012 (training for my job); I sat down with Teddy to explain that I would be taking an airplane and would be gone for four days and then would return on an airplane. Teddy’s take-away […]