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Category Archives: Random Geekiness

teddy pays for brownies

teddy pays for brownies Created 2012-10-15 At a garage sale at a friends house last month, their daughter and friends were selling brownies. Teddy toddled up to their table and ask politely for a brownie, so we fetched Teddy a quarter, and he handed it over in exchange for a brownie. Upon finishing his brownie, […]

teddy monkies on the bed

teddy monkies on the bed Created 2012-10-12 Teddy started dancing on the bed a few weeks ago, so I grabbed him and hugged him tight. I told him, ‘I have to keep you safe!’, and then started singing to him ‘Five little monkeys jumping on a bed, one fell off and bumped his head, Daddy […]

teddy asks for money

teddy asks for money Created 2012-10-12 i got in the car today at lunch and teddy asked me ‘money?’. so i dug a quarter out of our toll/parking change and gave it to him. he replied ‘thank you money!’ i told joanna it was a quarter, and teddy started saying practicing the word quarter.