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teddys daddys goes on an airplane

teddys daddys goes on an airplane

Created 2012-09-08

On the day before I left for Washington DC to attend DjangoCon 2012 (training for my job); I sat down with Teddy to explain that I would be taking an airplane and would be gone for four days and then would return on an airplane. Teddy’s take-away from this converstion was a gleeful “airplane!!”. I was a bit surprised that after I left on the airplane, and talking to Teddy on the phone, his comment was still a gleeful “airplane!!”.

Teddy was pretty chipper when he and I talked on the phone while I was gone, and he reliably reminded me “airplane!”.

(Perhaps reminding me that was how I was coming home?)

I bought Teddy a monkey BeenieBaby doll, and took pictures of it and sent them to Teddy by email. I told him about it on the phone “I found a baby monkey here, and am bringing it to you when I come home on the airplane.” “Thank you!!” was Teddy’s reply. I believe this is the first time Teddy has thanked me for a promise – previous uses of Thank You always came after the promised gift or deed was rendered.

I was talking to Edam and Doug from Internet2 at the conference about a picture of Teddy on my laptop screen. Edam said he looks adorable and energetic. This got me thinking – I think Teddy’s most expressed qualities are kind, communicative, and energetic at this stage.

I flew home yesterday (Friday) morning. I was so excited about getting back to Joanna and Teddy that I barely slept. I set an alarm at for 4:30 am to make sure I would not miss my 8 am flight. Its not as silly as it sounds, I knew it would take some time to check out since they were doing special free Internet at checkout for conference attendees, and I had to catch a shuttle to the airport and get through security in the nationals capital. I ended up at my gate and ready for my 8:25 flight at 5:30 am.

I was delighted to receive a call from Joanna at 5:30, as she was too excited to sleep deeply too. We talked for a few minutes, I let her know I was at my gate and the flight was on schedule, and Joanna went back to bed. I spent the remaining time purchasing a restaurant hamburger for breakfast and listening to economics podcasts.

Both flights were uneventful. They sky was beautiful, the was a delay due to rain at O’Hare in Chicago (anyone who has flown out of O’Hare knows how utterly typical that is).

I arrived at the Champaign Airport before noon. When I walked out past the security checkpoint, Joanna set Teddy down and he ran to give me a hug with a great big smile on his face.

I carried Teddy to Joanna and gave her a hug and a kiss, and then gave Teddy a kiss. Teddy joined in and gave Joanna a kiss and his Monkey a kiss.

Teddy and I talked about airplanes some more. I gave Teddy a repeat of the story I gave him before, this time in past tense. When I finished the story I told Teddy that I am “All done with airplanes for awhile.” and I signed the word for all done that Teddy uses when in his highchair or on the potty chair. Teddy nodded seriously and repeated the words ‘all done’ and the sign.

We went down the escalator to wait for my suitcase to appear on the winding conveyor belt. Teddy changed the conversation to an explanation of how he and Joanna had spent their time waiting for me to land. “Up and Down” Teddy said. Joanna provided the additional detail that the escalator just outside of security had been a favorite passtime and that they had gotten to see my plane land twice, since they weren’t sure which plane I was on. (They were correct the second time.)

After we recaptured my suitcase we opened it up and got out the new ‘baby monkey’ that Daddy brought home for Teddy. More Thank Yous and hugs for everyone followed. I also gave Joanna her USB cord bracelet from the spy store. Joanna took pictures of Teddy and I and both monkeys.

We decided to go out for lunch, and then re-decided to go home for lunch and then a nap. A not-empty bed is one of the most precious sites after a long business trip alone. We took turns taking naps all after noon and into the evening, and the late evening was spent socializing with family.

Bonus story: this morning Joanna was putting ice in a sippy up for Teddy and counted them out…one two three four. Teddy responded “five six!” and then counted again by himself from one to six. His only exposure to bigger numbers that I am aware of is when he and I count on a clock all the way to 12.